Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Blame Dreamworld for this Summer's Most Catchy Anthem

Dreamworld has enlisted the creativity of one of Brisbane’s most exciting up and coming bands, Blame Ringo, to write the anthem that is the soundtrack for the park’s Summer FUNomenon.

In celebration of the themepark’s 30th birthday in 2011, Blame Ringo have given new life to the park’s memorable 1980’s advertising jingle “Dreamworld One Day Holiday”, creating a brand new tune that is inescapably catchy and currently sweeping televisions throughout Australia.

Guitarist Jessiah Cocks explains that the song took just a few days for the band to create with each member writing their own variation of the concept before the team came together to decide on the final version.

“We tried to make the song a good reflection of what Dreamworld is, so it’s light and fun and full of energy,” said Jessiah.

Complete with a music video filmed onsite at Dreamworld, the song is the promotional track for Dreamworld’s Summer FUNomenon, a campaign which encompasses a massive offering of ten new shows designed to entertain the whole family and two brand new attractions; the Dreamworld Woolshed and the Dreamworld Cinema.

Having each grown up in Brisbane, the group spent time reminiscing about previous Dreamworld experiences to create a song that reflects the emotion and fun of a family trip to the park.

Drummer Jack Parkes said, “It’s a fun and lively tune and we created it to feel like you would listen to it driving down the highway on your way to Dreamworld with the windows down and the sunnies on.”

“Some great memories of mine have been from trips to Dreamworld, especially the latest visit when we filmed the video clip and we all became men and braved the Tower of Terror II”

‘Blame Ringo’ formed in late 2007 finding each other through newspaper ads, local gigs and football teams and in October released their second album ‘Too Strange For Avery’.
Rave Magazine recently reviewed the band writing, "These locals have found an appealing balance – a pop group who don’t take themselves too seriously, but seriously enough to write superb songs."

Blame Ringo will make several appearances with Dreamworld over the summer and agree that the partnership has presented a spring board for future opportunities.

Lead Vocalist Peter Kilroy said, “The opportunity has allowed us to widen our audience and it feels like we have really stepped into something new.”

“Every band looks to develop their sound and this has been a good exercise for us to be able to do that. We’re looking forward to a fun summer.”

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