Saturday, 18 December 2010

Join the Summer Funomenon at Dreamworld this summer

Dreamworld, Australia's favourite family theme park turns the big three-o in 2011. To celebrate the history and what is yet to come, the theme park is cranking up the excitement these holidays with the Dreamworld Summer FUNomenon. With ten new shows for this holiday period (27 December to 21 January), the two parks will be bursting with fun and the best way to enjoy the season is with a $69 Summer Passport giving you unlimited access to both Dreamworld and WhiteWater World until 30 June, 2011.

Enjoy all your favourite thrills, test out the reloaded and reversed Tower of Terror II, spot our tiger cub Pi, and take in the brand new line-up of summer fun entertainment.

Dorothy the Dinosaur Show
Enjoy some time with your mini wigglers as they dance with Dorothy and shake their hips with Wags the Dog. Fairy Clare goes on a journey to deliver a letter to Dorothy inviting her for rosy tea.

The Wiggles Hits Show
Dreamworld welcomes a never-before-seen Wiggles show featuring characters based on the famous four. Join in all the Wiggly moves as they sing, dance and play guitar to their favourite hits from the past 20 years.

The Goldie Show
The Goldie Show will entertain all the family with gags, jokes and clowning around. This summer, Goldie will show off his magic tricks and juggling skills in a series of fun, interactive games with prizes to be won.

The Kenny Koala Show
Throughout Dreamworld’s 30 years Kenny Koala has made millions of children smile. Reminisce as Kenny joins his friends, Belinda Brown and Cooee the Gumnut Fairy as they perform songs and dances from throughout Dreamworld’s 30 years.

Mass Sliming
Have the slime of your life at WhiteWater World this summer for the nation’s only Mass Sliming. Get messy and mucky as kids literally turn ‘green’ when Nickelodeon’s Pipeline Plunge dumps 1000 litres of green goop.

Spongebob 3D
SpongeBob SquarePants will draw you into his underwater home at Bikini Bottom in the new SpongeBob 3D movie. Stop into the Krusty Krab for a Krabby Patty, visit the Jelly Fish fields and fall into Rock Bottom as SpongeBob tries to find out why Patrick Starfish stole his pickle.
- Replaced at the last minute by The Curse of Skull Rock in Digital 3D.

The Curse of Skull Rock in Digital 3D
In the cutthroat world of Pirates one rule holds fast ‐ "No Girls!" Too bad for would‐be cabin girl JILL HOPKINS, who longs to become a real Pirate like her long lost father. But when she discovers a map to his lost treasure she is taken aboard by the meanest, fattest, stinkiest Pirate on the seven seas: CAPTAIN SCABB; and together they set sail on a swashbuckling adventure to find the legendary Skull Rock. But can Jill trust the treacherous Scabb to help her find fame, fortune ‐ and her father?

The Illusion Show featuring Matt Hollywood
Each evening, one of Australia’s most renowned Comedy Magicians, Matt Hollywood will wow Dreamworld guests with a line-up of unforgettable illusions.

Australian Sheep Shearing Show
The brand new Dreamworld Woolshed is now home to a variety of farm yard animals, and the brand new Australian Sheep Shearing show.

30 year Jukebox Show
Take a roller-coaster ride through the pop-culture that has made waves since Dreamworld first opened at the 30 Year Jukebox Show. Live musicians will interact with the audience to generate a medley of songs that wrap up the last three decades of movie and music hits.

Dreamworld Dreamtime
Long long ago when the Dreamtime first began, the Koombamerri people roamed the area of the Gold Coast and gathered around the Coomera River, creating stories, songs and dances that echoed every occasion: stories about hunting, songs about animals, and dances that celebrate the spirituality of the land and its legends. Today the descendants of the Koombamerri people will bring their magic to Dreamworld

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