Monday, 2 August 1999

Dreamworld Disputes Claims Made by US Theme Park

Dreamworld's $16-million high-tech thrill ride, the Tower of Terror will retain its title as "the fastest, tallest ride in the world" despite recent claims made by a United States theme park.

Chief Executive Officer of Dreamworld, Mr. Fred Maybury today dismissed statements made in the media that "Superman the Escape", located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California had exceeded Dreamworld's world speed record as "inaccurate and misleading".

"The fact is, by design, both rides are identical reverse free fall roller coasters and not designed to achieve a speed greater than 161 km/hour (100mph) and operate safely," Maybury said.

This has been confirmed by the ride's manufacturer, Intamin AG of Switzerland.

"Dreamworld's Tower of Terror is capable of matching or exceeding speeds recorded by the US ride, but for safety reasons Dreamworld chooses not to", Maybury added.

No verification or confirmation has been provided that the Tower of Terror's speed record had been broken other than reports made in the media.

On February 7, 1997 Dreamworld's Tower of Terror officially claimed the world speed record reaching a speed of 161 kilometers per hour (100 mph). The speed was registered on a Police calibrated hand-held Falcon radar gun and verified by a Justice of the Peace."

Thursday, 1 July 1999

World's Fastest, Tallest Ride Celebrates 1,000,000th Passenger

Dreamworld’s Tower of Tower, the fastest, tallest ride in the world blasted its one millionth passenger 115 metres high travelling at up to 160 kilometres per hour on Saturday 20 June.

Since opening on January 23, 1997 the high-tech thrill ride has made 66,668 journeys, travelling a distance of 56,668 kilometres - the equivalent distance to almost one-and-a-half trips around the world.

A group of local Camp Quality children and their families were joined by media personalities to start the countdown at a special breakfast at Dreamworld.

Personalities from Seven Gold Coast News, ABC Channel 2, SEA FM and the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper took on the role of host to the children, with some help from Dreamworld’s in park entertainers.

At 10.55am on Saturday 13-year-old Nicole Frederiksen of Bethania became the lucky Dreamworld guest to become the Tower of Terror’s one millionth passenger.

Nicole is a regular Dreamworld visitor and has experienced the ride more than 30 times. She was pleasantly surprised when presented with a commemorative rider’s suit, cap and Tower of Terror prize pack by SEA FM personality, Sorbent Boy.

Dreamworld’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Fred Maybury said the Tower of Terror has remained the Park’s number one ride since opening last year - appealing to people of all ages and walks of life.

"In fact, over 70 per cent of Dreamworld’s guests experience the 6.5 seconds of weightlessness and 4.5G’s as they free fall backwards."

"We are very proud of the success the ride has enjoyed, particularly when we claimed the world speed record for rollercoasters last year, registering an unprecedented speed of 161 kilometres per hour," Mr Maybury said.

Peaking at 38 storeys high and stretching the equivalent of three football fields across the Park, a state-of-the-art linear motor system propels the ride to maximum speed.

Swiss company Intamin designed the Tower of Terror for Dreamworld, with the Park itself project managing construction of the leading edge thrill ride.