Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Antarctic Penguins Coming to Sea World

This December visit Sea World and enter the amazing frozen world of the all new Antarctic Penguin exhibit.

The stunning exhibit will be home to the world’s second largest penguin species, the King penguin, as well as the agile Gentoo penguin, with its distinctive bright red bill and long tail. The spectacular new exhibit will feature icy rock formations and a crystal clear pool, with both elevated and underwater viewing areas.


Penguin species: King & Gentoo
Number of birds: up to 36 birds
Exhibit land size: 90 Sqm
Exhibit pool volume: 220,000 L
Exhibit temperature: -1C to +5C (air temperature); 5C to 9C (water temperature)
Exhibit features: Underwater and topside viewing + up to 5 tonnes of snow

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Four New Full-Loop Slides

Not one, Not two… but FOUR new transparent slides will open at Wet’n’Wild this September.

The new ride ‘AquaLoop’ begins when the trap door is released and the rider plummets, accelerating into a massive vertical free fall drop and then up into a transparent looping slide! The slide is gut wrenching, heart-pounding and gravity-defying and takes riders to speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour!


Ride Height: 17m
Speed: Up to 60kph
G-Forc: 0 to 2.5Gs in less than 2 seconds

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Castaway Bay Comes Alive at Sea World

Visit Sea World this September and experience a world of family fun in the all new Castaway Bay interactive adventure zone.

The exciting new $6 Million family attraction will cater for kids of all ages and feature an amazing themed ride and fun filled child friendly play areas.


Castaway Bay features 3 major elements;
Battle sails (boat ride): 8 boats, shipwreck theme
Sky fortress (tree house): includes 5 different levels, rope bridges and tunnels
Sky climb (ropes course): 12m high, featuring unstable rope bridges and obstacles

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Carowinds Introduces Intimidator

The skyline of Carowinds will drastically change for what will be a historic and record-breaking 2010 season, as the amusement park announces plans to debut the Intimidator™, the Southeast’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster, in the Spring of 2010. Topping the list as the largest single capital investment in Carowinds 37-year history, the Intimidator™ is named in honor of NASCAR®’s most beloved driver, Dale Earnhardt, “The Intimidator.”

This massive attraction will stand 232-feet (23-stories) tall at its highest peak and send guests plunging down a 211-foot first drop at a 74-degree angle, reaching speeds in excess of 75 miles per hour. The second (178-feet) and third (151-feet) hills are also taller than any roller coaster at Carowinds. With 5,316 feet of track the Intimidator™ will feature high speed twists and turns including seven steep drops – one for each of his NASCAR® championships — and an intense finish through a diving spiral. The ride experience will last more than three minutes, and replicate the speed and intensity of a fast-paced NASCAR® race.

“The Intimidator™ will dominate the skyline and strongly position Carowinds as the thrill capital of the Southeast — the statistics speak for themselves,” said Bart Kinzel, Carowinds’ vice president and general manager. “This unprecedented addition represents the sizable commitment of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company toward building and expanding the product offering at Carowinds and solidifying us as the premier regional amusement park.”

The trains on the Intimidator™ will feature unique, open-air stadium-style seating with a simple T-bar style restraint that extends from the floor between the rider’s feet with the bar resting across the rider’s lap. These ‘side-less’ trains take away a feeling of protection for the riders and allows them to experience an unobstructed view of all the thrills and excitement of this record-breaking roller coaster. The trains will also be fashioned to mirror Dale Earnhardt’s 1998 RCR No. 3 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

“We’re excited to see this new roller coaster celebrate the speed, excitement and legendary career of Dale Earnhardt,” said Jeff Steiner, executive vice president and general manager of Dale Earnhardt, Inc. “There are millions of fans that still honor their racing hero and this is a very engaging and interactive way for them to connect with the spirit and passion of the Intimidator™.”

The 10-acre attraction will be located on the midway across from the entrance of Nighthawk and will race over the skyline of the Park from the north main entrance to the south entrance paralleling the guest parking lot. Featuring a bold red track and grey support structure, the Intimidator’s™ 232-foot lift will overshadow the Park’s skyline, dwarfing its neighboring roller coaster, Afterburn at 144-feet.

“The name Intimidator™ is significant of the most exciting, aggressive, and skilled driver to ever race on a NASCAR® track, Dale Earnhardt,” Kinzel said. “There is no better way to communicate the enormity of this ride than to give it a face that its riders can truly connect with. The Intimidator™ will include a heavily-themed midway, complete with a Victory Lane and a video tribute to Dale Earnhardt’s racing accomplishments.”

Guests will have the opportunity to see this historic ride being built from the ground up as they attend on operating days throughout the Fall. Those who cannot wait until 2010 may take a virtual ride on the Intimidator™, access exclusive updates, features, virtual renderings, ride statistics, and more at

Construction has already begun on this world-class roller coaster and will continue throughout the winter months. The Intimidator™ is expected to open to the public in the Spring of 2010.

The Intimidator™ is designed and manufactured by Bolliger and Mabillard of Monthey, Switzerland, a recognized industry leader in roller coaster development and the same firm that brought Afterburn to Carowinds in 1999 and Vortex in 1992.

Carowinds is owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a publicly traded partnership that is listed for trading on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “FUN.” In addition to Carowinds, Cedar Fair owns and operates ten other amusement parks, six water parks, one indoor water park resort, and five hotels. Cedar Fair also operates the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in Gilroy, CA under a management contract.

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Friday, 9 July 2010

‘World of Color’ Dazzles the Crowd at Star-Studded World Premiere in Disney California Adventure Park

With a splash of fireworks, dazzling water-based special effects and a celebrity red carpet (actually a water-inspired blue carpet), the nighttime spectacular “World of Color” made its exciting world premiere Thursday before an audience filled with celebrities and VIPs at Paradise Bay in Disney California Adventure park.

This new dimension of Disney storytelling, brimming with water, color, music and animation, opens to guests at Disney California Adventure Friday, June 11.

Robert A. Iger, president and chief executive officer, The Walt Disney Company, joined Thomas O. Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, and Mickey Mouse to welcome the special VIP premiere guests.

“‘World of Color’ is a testament to the creativity, passion, innovation and talent of people throughout our organization,” Iger said. “The combination of water, light, fire, and music makes ‘World of Color’ a truly magical event that showcases beloved Disney characters in an entirely new way.”

Added Staggs: “‘World of Color’ transforms the landscape of the Disneyland Resort and marks a major milestone in the expansion of Disney California Adventure. It’s a spectacular show that is distinctly Disney, and unlike any attraction we’ve created before. It will captivate our guests with an end-of-day experience that is exhilarating, emotional and highly memorable. We are excited to debut this great, new experience for our guests and extremely proud of the talented team that drove its creation.”

There has never been a show like “World of Color,” the mega-scale, after-dark celebration of Disney storytelling. “World of Color” brings animation to life with powerful fountains that become stars of the show as they create one of the world’s largest projected water screens. In just under 25 minutes, “World of Color” immerses audiences in technological wonder and the enchanting magic of beloved Disney and Disney•Pixar characters, combining nearly 1,200 versatile fountains, dazzling colors, Disney music and an all-new kaleidoscope of audio and visual effects, taking water-based entertainment to a new level of artistry.

The inspiration for the show came from Walt Disney himself and “World of Color” features characters and images that span the history of Disney and Disney•Pixar moviemaking.

“Our entire team – from every corner of the Walt Disney Company – is thrilled to finally share ‘World of Color’ with our guests,” said Steve Davison, show director and vice president, parades and spectaculars, for Walt Disney Imagineering. “It’s very exciting to take audiences on an emotional journey as they experience laughter, drama and beauty in this breathtaking extravaganza.”

Disney cast members and crews built nearly an acre of superstructure to support the complex production. Walt Disney Imagineering and Creative Entertainment installed the massive infrastructure and revolutionary technology that created the stage for “World of Color.” On this stage, the team directs a unique variety of water effects, larger-than-life projections, lasers, fog, flames, surround sound and stunning images.

The sweeping story and stunning effects are created with:
  • Nearly 1,200 powerful and programmable fountains with heights ranging from 30 feet to 200 feet (50 feet higher than Mickey’s Fun Wheel). Each fountain has multiple points of control to direct the lighting, color intensity, water angle and height.
  • One of the world’s largest projected water screens – a wall of water 380 feet wide by 50 feet high, for a projection surface of 19,000 square feet.
  • Nearly 30 high-definition projectors – 14 of them submersible.
  • Synchronized flame projections, lasers and special effects that will flood the senses.
  • A soundtrack performed by more than 100 musicians.

“World of Color” has been some five years in the making, beginning with brainstorming by show director Davison and his creative crew. As the concept grew, the Disney team sought out new technologies and multi-media to support a visionin which water and light could dance, change character and move the audience, becoming, in effect, the “stars” of the show.

Helping to tie it all together is a musical score that combines both familiar and new melodies and introduces a newly arranged version of the 1960s television theme for “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color,” originally composed by Richard B. and Robert M. Sherman, the Oscar-winning composers of “Mary Poppins” and “It’s a Small World.” The “World of Color” score was composed by Mark Hammond, and orchestrated and conducted by David Hamilton, both celebrated music industry professionals.

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Wet'n'Wild Hots up in 2010

Not one, Not two… but FOUR new slides - Coming Soon to Wet'n'Wild - still the Biggest'n'Best!

With four awesome brand new transparent slides - the AquaLoop ride will be the first of its kind in Australia! The ride begins when the trap door is released and the rider plummets, accelerating into a massive vertical free fall drop and then up into a looping slide! The slide is gut wrenching, heart-pounding and gravity-defying and takes riders to speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour!

The new attraction with four looping slides, a terrifying trap door release with 2.5G acceleration is in its first stages of construction and is scheduled to be completed by September 2010.

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NOW OPEN! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort celebrates its grand opening today with help from Harry Potter film actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, James and Oliver Phelps, Matthew Lewis, Bonnie Wright, Michael Gambon, Warwick Davis and thousands of excited fans - officially becoming the only place in the world where the adventures of Harry Potter come to life.

More than five years in the making, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has become the most highly anticipated entertainment experience of 2010. The Harry Potter books and films have captured the hearts and minds of millions - and now, guests can experience the adventure first-hand at Universal Orlando Resort. The spectacularly themed area, inspired by J.K. Rowling's compelling stories and characters, features multiple themed attractions, shops and a restaurant - all faithful to the books and films.

Visitors to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be swept into the adventures of Harry Potter. They will tour Hogwarts castle, shop in Hogsmeade and dine in the Three Broomsticks. Other adventures will allow them to fly with Harry, ride on a dragon, sample Butterbeer, eat exploding sweets - and experience all the magic and adventure of the Harry Potter books and films.

"We have created a special place unlike anywhere else in the world," said Tom Williams, chairman and CEO for Universal Parks and Resorts. "The adventures of Harry Potter are among the most popular of our time - and we are bringing them to life. We will put our guests in the middle of a Harry Potter adventure. They will feel as if they are in the movies with Harry and his friends."

"I said right at the beginning, either we do it right or we don't do it at all," said J.K. Rowling, author of the widely successful Harry Potter series. "The teams at Universal and Warner Bros. have done it right, so I am so happy."

The heart of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is Hogwarts castle - visible from everywhere within Islands of Adventure. And within the castle is what may be the most exhilarating theme park attraction ever created: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. This all-new adventure combines a powerful storyline with spectacular new technology so effectively guests will be completely immersed in the experience. The ride will take guests on a journey where they will travel by Floo Network, soar over Hogwarts, narrowly escape a dragon attack, have a close encounter with the Whomping Willow, get pulled into a Quidditch match and more.

AND, guests can experience the mischief of Zonko's, the magic of Ollivanders, the scrumptious delights of the Three Broomsticks and Hog's Head pub or buy their very own Marauder's Map at Filch's Emporium of Confiscated Goods. They can mail letters from Hogsmeade at the Owl Post, buy Hogwarts school robes at Dervish and Banges or rest under the rafters of the Owlery. Visitors can brave a Hungarian Horntail or a Chinese Fireball on the dueling roller coasters of Dragon Challenge or learn a few tips from Hagrid before taking a training flight on Flight of the Hippogriff.

"I remember when I was shooting the films when I was younger and I absolutely wished this world could be real and that I could be a part of it," said Daniel Radcliffe, who portrays Harry Potter in the film series. "It's amazing that people will finally get to do that and realize everything they've seen on screen."

"Today's grand opening is the culmination of our firm commitment to create the most authentic Harry Potter experience possible," said Brad Globe, President, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. "We've enlisted the best possible partner in Universal Orlando Resort and we are proud to say that the result has fully captured the magical worlds detailed in both the books and the films." For tickets and packages for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, visit

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King Kong 360 3-D at Universal Studios Hollywood


King Kong, among the screen’s most powerful and enduring icons, will re-emerge on July 1, 2010 as a new signature attraction created under the direction of Peter Jackson on the famed Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour.

“King Kong 360 3-D” Created by Peter Jackson will be the world's largest most intense 3D experience on the planet, combining thrilling visceral effects to create a next-generation theme park experience.

Peter Jackson, director of the Oscar®-winning 2005 Universal Picturesfilm upon which the attraction is based, said: “The new King Kong at Universal Studios Hollywood will be an incredible amount of fun and a chance to really push film and theme park technology. Aboard the Universal tram, you'll get a wrap-around view of the action through a process involving eight 3-D images shot and projected at 60 frames per second. The film and tram will be tied into a motion simulator that will allow you to physically experience this pulse-pounding spectacle, which includes a fight between Kong and a group of V-Rex, the larger cousins of the T-Rex. You’ll find yourself right in the middle of the action."

“King Kong 360 3-D” Created by Peter Jackson will be the first theme park attraction to be directed by the Oscar-winning filmmaker.

Larry Kurzweil, President and Chief Operating Officer, Universal Studios Hollywood, said: “King Kong has been an integral part of Universal Studios Hollywood for decades and, after the 2008 fire, we knew he had to be reintroduced as a new, groundbreaking, thoroughly over-the-top experience that will thrill new generations of Studio Tour guests. ‘King Kong 360 3-D’ will be the most exhilarating feature of our world-famous Studio Tour, setting the bar at a new level for immersive theme park experiences.”

In the new attraction, guests will be given special 3-D glasses as they enter a darkened soundstage aboard the Studio Tour trams and will be transported— via the magic of Surround Digital 3D projection —deep into a tangled jungle location. They’ll survive a close encounter with a swarm of hungry raptors, only to be confronted by the terrifying presence of 35' tall dinosaur behemoths, intent on attacking the tram and Studio Tour guests.

Suddenly, a 30' tall gorilla appears - Kong himself! The trams jolt and shudder as the guests find themselves caught in the middle of a titanic struggle between these colossal prehistoric foes - the great ape and carnivorous reptiles - action which sends the packed trams sliding ever closer to the edge of a bottomless chasm.

King Kong, known as “the eighth wonder of the world,” has been called“the experience for which movies were invented.” Since first appearing on the screen in the1933 original classic, “King Kong” has been re-made twice, each time on a tremendous scale, earning a total of seven Oscar® and three Golden Globe® nominations.Most recently, Peter Jackson’s 2005 version took classic elements of the original “King Kong” story and adrenalized them with up-to-the-minute effects magic and the alchemic talents of a superlative group of filmmakers, cast and crew. Released to critical acclaim in late 2005, “King Kong” was a worldwide hit.

The arrival of the new “King Kong 360 3-D” Created by Peter Jackson experience coincides with major enhancements to the iconic Studio Tour. The most extensive backlot construction ever in the history of Universal Studios, which includes re-creations of legendary Hollywood sets and the introduction of brand-new shooting locations, will make the renowned Studio buzz with star-studded film and television production as never before. Studio trams were recently equipped as "mobile movie theaters" with state-of-the-art flat-screen high-definition monitors and digital playback systems. The new high-definition monitors feature commentary from filmmakers, actors and personalities. Clips from numerous movie and television productions,corresponding to sites visited along the Tour route, add a new dimension to the tour of backlot attractions, sets and facades.

Universal Studios Hollywood is a unit of Universal Parks & Resorts, a division of NBC Universal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience.

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Ride the Movies™ at Universal Studios Singapore®

Universal Studios Singapore, the region’s widely-anticipated attraction in Resorts World Sentosa, has concluded its sneak peek week to rave reviews and continues its opening process with team members, invited guests and charitable organizations building up to start welcoming the public in March.

Located within one of the world’s most extensive and expansive tourism projects – the US$4.4 billion Resorts World Sentosa – Universal Studios Singapore will bring to life the best movie-themed attractions packed within seven zones ranging from Hollywood, Far Far Away™ to Sci-Fi City™ and The Lost World™.

As part of its staff-appreciation perks, the park’s first guests will be team members of Resorts World Sentosa, who will be the first to enjoy Universal Studios Singapore with their families from 13 March, before the park opens to the public at 8.28 am on 18 March 2010.

Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Executive Chairman of Resorts World Sentosa, said: “Universal Studios Singapore wrapped up a week of Chinese New Year sneak peeks to great reviews, and we are excited to be gearing up to take our first guests on the rides, which are naturally the highlight of the park. This is the region’s only Universal Studios theme park, and it will be a tourism crown jewel for not just Singapore, but Asia as a whole.’’

Mr. Tom Williams, Chairman and CEO, Universal Parks & Resorts, said: “We are thrilled to be taking the next step toward a grand opening, and we are excited that, at Universal Studios Singapore, guests from throughout the region will get to experience the excitement and adventure our parks are so well known for around the world.”

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Universal Studios Singapore is now open and operating at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to Open October 28, 2010

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the world’s first Ferrari theme park and largest attraction of its kind, has announced that it will open its doors to the public on October 28, 2010, three weeks ahead of the second Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The long anticipated opening date was announced in a ceremony held on 6th May 2010 at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, attended by representatives from Ferrari, Aldar Properties PJSC and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will pay tribute to the passion, excellence, performance, and technical innovation that Ferrari has established over the years and represents today. Its iconic sleek red roof is directly inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, spanning 200,000 m² and carrying the largest Ferrari logo ever created.

In celebration of the opening date announcement, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi unveiled one of its featured attractions. Officially named “Formula Rossa,” this attraction will offer guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience blasting away on the world’s fastest roller coaster reaching speeds of up to 240 km/h.

After the inaugural Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix held on Yas Island on November 1 2009, the opening of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi signals a milestone in bringing Abu Dhabi global recognition. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will be a key element in expanding the appeal of Abu Dhabi to travelers, both business and leisure. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will have over 20 rides and attractions which will bring to life the Ferrari brand in ways which appeal to a diverse international audience. In addition to Formula Rossa, visitors to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will also enjoy an aerial voyage through Italy following a Ferrari, a G-force experience taking passengers on an adrenaline-pumping ride up over 62 m, through the roof and back down again, and a flume ride journey through the heart of a Ferrari 599 engine.

“We are very pleased to be a part of today’s announcement of the opening date of this unique and exciting attraction alongside our partners at Ferrari. Signature projects like this are another element of our commitment and contribution to Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, by delivering attractions that further enhance the Emirate’s credentials as an inspiring place to live and visit. ” commented Mohammed Al Mubarak, Chief Commercial Officer at Aldar, Abu Dhabi’s leading property development, management and investment company, and Chairman of Farah Leisure Parks Management LLC.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is located on Yas Island, a 25 km² entertainment and recreation destination and venue for the first Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Ahead of the inaugural race last November, Aldar delivered the Yas Marina Circuit, 7 brand new hotels, Yas Marina and all the infrastructure and race-related facilities. A number of new entertainment attractions will open to the public in the few coming years, including the first Links golf course in the region opening in late 2010, and a super regional mall in 2012.

Yas Island is one component of the mass infrastructure development outlined in the Abu Dhabi Government’s 2030 Plan to diversify and expand the emirate’s economic base. When completed, Yas Island is set to be a global tourist destination.

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Warner Bros. Movie World Celebrates DC Comics 75th Anniversary

Witness the forces of good and evil do battle in an epic DC Comics event at Warner Bros. Movie World during the June and July school holidays.

Join the DC Comics 75th Anniversary celebration and bring the kids to Movie World dressed as their favourite DC Comics superhero character. Movie World will host an amazing array of DC Comics themed activity including a best dressed competition and a spellbinding, nail biting new action-packed live show featuring villains Lex Luthor and the Joker battling the heroes of the Justice League.

Plus, the Movie World Star Parade will be transformed into a Superhero Night Parade from 5pm daily, which includes brand new floats and six all-new DC Comics characters never before seen at Movie World.

So this school holidays from 26 June to 31 July only, there is even more reason to visit Warner Bros. Movie World!

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Australian Outback Spectacular Opens a New Chapter

Since opening its doors in April 2006, Australian Outback Spectacular has entertained over a million people from all over the world, with its celebration of Australian stock men and women at work and play. The audience learns of their history, marvels at demonstrations of their riding skills, laughs at the gags and enjoys the songs and poems that are not only theirs but ours.

The new show 'Heroes of the Light Horse' will retain all the fun, charm and skill of the original but with an important difference, this time we celebrate the link between our stockmen and the legendary Australian Light Horse.

The new show has been directed by one of Australia's most celebrated film and television directors, Simon Wincer, who is best known for movies, 'The Man from Snowy River', 'The Lighthorsemen', 'Phar Lap' and 'Free Willy'. In Heroes of the Light Horse, Wincer adds a new element to the show by blending extracts from his movie with the live light horse action in the foreground, further enhancing the show and introducing high definition movie vision to all scenes.

Aided by clips from the film, 'The Lighthorsemen', the audience follows Australian troops on the long, dry march to the outskirts of Beersheba in Palestine. Following the march, the audience witnesses the famous charge against entrenched artillery, machine guns and infantry, to take and secure the precious wells of Beersheba.

Back in present day, the Spectacular ends on a lighter note celebrating stockmen's skills, but always aware of the debt all Australians owe to those heroes of the Light Horse.

Warner Village Theme Parks’ principal strategy for Australian Outback Spectacular is to grow tourism to the Gold Coast, which produces positive results for its Gold Coast theme parks and the region generally. Australian Outback Spectacular was created to provide international and domestic visitors a typical Australian experience to learn about Australia and its rich culture and heritage.

Australian Outback Spectacular was originally conceptualized over nine years ago by Chairman of Warner Village Theme Parks and Executive Producer of Australian Outback Spectacular - Mr. John Menzies, who identified the opportunity to promote Australian culture to domestic and international visitors.

"I get a lot of feedback about the show, and the one thing that always stands out is how patriotic and proud the show makes our Australian guests feel about their homeland," Mr. Menzies said.

"It's been an inspiring success, and to keep interest high, we decided to introduce a new chapter in the show, which further enhances our cultural outback heritage by telling the story of one of Australia's least known, but most important historic events - the charge at Beersheba by 800 Australian Light Horsemen during the First World War in 1917," Mr. Menzies explained.

"The Light Horse was made up predominantly by "boys from the bush"; young men from the outback who volunteered along with their horses to join the Australian Mounted Infantry know as the Light Horse."

"The famous charge at Beersheba is regarded as one of the most successful and courageous cavalry charge in history and is a living testament to the continued bravery and determination of our outback sons", he said.

The show however, whilst demonstrating this important event in our history, still contains all the modern day fun and competitive spirit of the outback and its people which has struck such a chord, particularly with Australians.

Presenting partner, R.M.Williams Company is proud to continue their support for Australian Outback Spectacular.

R.M.Williams Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hamish Turner, said the show continues to present Australia’s Outback heritage in an authentic format which is exciting for all audiences.

"Our company founder, Australian legend Reginald Murray ("R.M.") Williams was a passionate and proud Australian. We know R.M. would have shared our view that Australian Outback Spectacular is important because it communicates the culture of the outback to a whole new generation of Australians and visitors," Mr. Turner said.

Experience a deeper journey to the heart and soul of the Australian Outback with the new Australian Outback Spectacular 2. 'Australian Outback Spectacular's Heroes of the Light Horse' is an unforgettable evening and a holiday highlight which cannot be missed.

Australian Outback Spectacular, presented by R.M.Wiliams, is a permanent attraction

Show location
20 minutes from Surfers Paradise, between Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet'n'Wild Water World on the Pacific Motorway, Oxenford, Gold Coast, Qld

Show duration
1.5 hours including 3 course Aussie BBQ dinner

Show time
Nightly from Tuesday – Sunday (subject to change, excludes Christmas)

Doors open at 6:15pm. Pre-show commences at 7:00pm.

Matinee show time
Additional 12.30pm matinee shows serving a BBQ lunch will be added to the show schedule from time to time

Entry Ticket
Includes show, dinner, drinks during dinner and stockman's hat
$99.95 Adult, $69.95 Child (3-13 years), $89.95 Pensioner

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Sea World Whale Watch Ready For Up-coming Season

Sea World Whale Watch will again offer the ultimate whale watching experience on the Gold Coast. Guests will experience an unprecedented level of education along with the awe-inspiring natural experience of getting up close and personal with the world’s largest marine mammals.

Sea World's custom designed $3.4M catamaran will comfortably carry in excess of 100 passengers and will operate daily (weather permitting) from the Sea World Whale Watch Terminal.

The whale watching season runs from 30 May to November during the annual Humpback Whale migration and sees between 8,000 and 10,000 whales travel past the Gold Coast. The whales migrate along the east coast of Australia on their annual journey to the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef to calf and mate. These magnificent mammals then begin the long journey home to feed on the krill rich Antarctic waters.

Sea World Whale Watch experienced a fantastic inaugural season in 2008, with 100% whale sightings and thousands of happy whale watchers. The Sea World Whale Watch crew is also looking forward to assisting with whale rescues in 2009, after their 2008 experience where the crew spotted and followed an entangled whale until the Sea World Research and Rescue team arrived to assist.

Sea World Whale Watch tickets cost $88 for Adults and $66 for Children and Pensioners. Guests will also have the opportunity to purchase their Whale Watching ticket as part of a combo deal which will include entry into Sea World. Take a Whale Watch Tour and visit Sea World over 2 days and pay just $99 Adults, $77 Children and Pensioners*.

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Cross Your Arms and Clench Your Cheeks For Australia's First Looping Body Slide at WhiteWater World

Gut wrenching, heart pounding, teeth chattering. That’s the feeling you get when you step inside the launch chamber of WhiteWater World’s newest power slide, The Wedgie, cross your arms behind your head and peer face first over the sissies five-storeys below.

The wildest doom drop of them all, The Wedgie has no nanny mats and no support tubes. As the trap door triggers, it’s simply fast flesh on fibreglass as you plummet feet first down a near vertical descent, barrelling through a human sized helix before smashing into the splash pool down below.

Here the classic Aussie Cossie braking system kicks in and you feel the fast tug on cheeks as your bathing suit once again assumes control, giving “rise” to the slide’s bold name.

The Wedgie is not for the faint hearted, the loose pants brigade, or anyone under 130cm in height. And, it’s only on impact that you realise you’ve been “Wedgied by WhiteWater World”.

Go on. Cross your arms, clench your cheeks and be daring. Only the bravest will do it in Speedos!

Ride Facts:

Super accelerated start hurtles riders into the looping slide at speeds of up to 45kph
• Height: 17.42 m
• Capacity per Hour: 240 persons
• Speed: up to 45kph or 11.7m/s
• Thrill Rating (out of 4): 4 +
• Requirements Riders must be 130cm and 12 years of age
• Cycle time TBC approximately 7 seconds
• Total length 85m

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Dreamworld Days Get Longer With Illuminate Light and Laser Spectacular

Leap into the underwater world of SpongeBob SquarePants this Easter as Dreamworld partners with Laservision to create Illuminate, a multi-media light spectacular that takes guests on an adventure into the life of the planet’s most popular sponge.

Brought to Dreamworld by Laservision, creators of the world’s largest light and sound show - Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights – Illuminate will be a permanent fixture at Dreamworld with its debut Easter show transforming Main Street into a 3D cartoon adventure.

The show opens when Patchy the Pirate, a bumbling yet loveable Nickelodeon Central character, teams up with SpongeBob SquarePants and spurs the crowd into a celebration of song and dance. Guests are then entertained by high-powered lasers, four-metre high water screens, digital image projection and other special effects as they follow SpongeBob on an adventure that ends in a giant jellyfish rave.

The entertainment climaxes with a second laser show combining powerful soundtracks with fast-paced laser beauty.

Said Dreamworld’s CEO, Noel Dempsey, “This is laser like you’ve never seen before. It takes viewers on a journey into a magical environment of artistry using light and emotional sound effects and it lifts the SpongeBob story from a two dimensional TV cartoon into a 3D world.”
“It also showcases to adults just how beautiful light combined with technology can be.”
Commenting on the technology, Laservision’s CEO and founder, Mr Paul McCloskey said very few people in Australia have seen a multi-media presentation so different from traditional shows.

“With two dimensional shows, you tend to sit in a single place and focus on a single screen. Dreamworld’s Illuminate has multiple focal points, including two aqua screens that provide canvasses to recreate the essence of characters on a large scale.

“Further, there are three high-power laser systems that produce combinations of shapes, images, or the spirit of an image and which allow characters to move around the arena. This is reinforced by deep surround sound, theatrical fog machines, flame throwers and water cannons.”

Illuminate runs from April 2 – 16 at 5pm and is complimentary for all paying day guests. Tickets can be purchased separately at the gate as a standalone evening activity at $15 for adults, $10 for children and $35 for families of four. Each additional child is $5.

Entertainment also includes access to select rides like SpongeBob FlyPants, Bumper Beach Dodgems and AVPX.

Dreamworld’s Illuminate will open exclusively for the Easter holidays. However, the investment in the technology is repeatable, reprogrammable and reliable and the core assets are designed to be re-choreographed to produce alternate shows.

According to Dreamworld’s Mr Dempsey, the theme park is also reviewing options for adapting the technology into corporate events, functions and promotions.

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