Thursday, 8 July 2010

Dreamworld Days Get Longer With Illuminate Light and Laser Spectacular

Leap into the underwater world of SpongeBob SquarePants this Easter as Dreamworld partners with Laservision to create Illuminate, a multi-media light spectacular that takes guests on an adventure into the life of the planet’s most popular sponge.

Brought to Dreamworld by Laservision, creators of the world’s largest light and sound show - Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights – Illuminate will be a permanent fixture at Dreamworld with its debut Easter show transforming Main Street into a 3D cartoon adventure.

The show opens when Patchy the Pirate, a bumbling yet loveable Nickelodeon Central character, teams up with SpongeBob SquarePants and spurs the crowd into a celebration of song and dance. Guests are then entertained by high-powered lasers, four-metre high water screens, digital image projection and other special effects as they follow SpongeBob on an adventure that ends in a giant jellyfish rave.

The entertainment climaxes with a second laser show combining powerful soundtracks with fast-paced laser beauty.

Said Dreamworld’s CEO, Noel Dempsey, “This is laser like you’ve never seen before. It takes viewers on a journey into a magical environment of artistry using light and emotional sound effects and it lifts the SpongeBob story from a two dimensional TV cartoon into a 3D world.”
“It also showcases to adults just how beautiful light combined with technology can be.”
Commenting on the technology, Laservision’s CEO and founder, Mr Paul McCloskey said very few people in Australia have seen a multi-media presentation so different from traditional shows.

“With two dimensional shows, you tend to sit in a single place and focus on a single screen. Dreamworld’s Illuminate has multiple focal points, including two aqua screens that provide canvasses to recreate the essence of characters on a large scale.

“Further, there are three high-power laser systems that produce combinations of shapes, images, or the spirit of an image and which allow characters to move around the arena. This is reinforced by deep surround sound, theatrical fog machines, flame throwers and water cannons.”

Illuminate runs from April 2 – 16 at 5pm and is complimentary for all paying day guests. Tickets can be purchased separately at the gate as a standalone evening activity at $15 for adults, $10 for children and $35 for families of four. Each additional child is $5.

Entertainment also includes access to select rides like SpongeBob FlyPants, Bumper Beach Dodgems and AVPX.

Dreamworld’s Illuminate will open exclusively for the Easter holidays. However, the investment in the technology is repeatable, reprogrammable and reliable and the core assets are designed to be re-choreographed to produce alternate shows.

According to Dreamworld’s Mr Dempsey, the theme park is also reviewing options for adapting the technology into corporate events, functions and promotions.

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