Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Shrek 4D Adventure closes

Shrek 4D Adventure™ in the Roxy Theatre will be closed permanently from 29 August to make way for an exciting new 4D experience.


Take a journey to the next dimension in the Roxy Theatre with Warner Bros. Movie World's brilliant DreamWorks® Shrek 4D Adventure™, the attraction that puts you in the action with hair-raising, eye-popping and butt-busting effects so real, your senses will be on ogretime! It's a full sensory OGRE-LOAD!

Donning specially-created "OgreVision" glasses, guests are transported into a state of the art 3D film that, along with surprising sensory elements, propels them into the ultimate 'Shrek 4D' experience.

The experience becomes even more immersive with the creation of uniquely designed 'Shrek®' seats, each equipped with seven different special effects that repeat numerous times in tandem with the 3D animation, including vertical drops and horizontal motions!

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