Thursday, 2 September 2010

Toy Story Playland Unveiled at Disneyland Paris

Today (August 17th) is a big day at Disneyland Paris, where we welcomed our latest addition to Walt Disney Studios Park – Toy Story Playland.

Thanks to the creative minds of Pixar Studios and our Disney Imagineers, Guests of all ages can now feel what it’s like to be shrunk to the size of a toy and to become literally part of the Toy Story universe in Andy’s backyard.

Once again these new attractions prove our capacity to reinvent ourselves and to create new experiences for all our guests. They should be thrilled by the great attention to detail that makes Toy Story Playland a truly larger than life experience.

Guests venturing through the over-sized landscaping of Andy’s yard discover three play areas, each featuring an exclusive attraction. With Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, Guests are invited to join Andy’s Little Green Army Men in a simulated fall from the sky. Guests of all ages can climb aboard Slinky Dog on Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin as our four legged friend chases his tail. And in Andy’s most dare-deviling set up, RC Racer will give a feel for what it’s like to zoom along a Hot Wheels half-pipe track.

Introduced as part of our year-long Disney new generation festival, Toy Story Playland expands the park’s Toon Studio, where guests can already enjoy attractions inspired by Disney-Pixar blockbusters Finding Nemo and Cars.

All the Disneyland Paris Cast and myself are particularly proud of this development and hope that it will bring much magic to our guests for years to come.

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