Friday, 26 August 2011

ProSlide Goes HUGE at Beijing Happy Magic Waterpark

The Beijing Happy Magic Waterpark located in the Fengtai District of Beijing, China has recently opened with some of the most unique and innovative water ride complexes in the world which entertains a huge amount of guests daily, up to 35,000! This Waterpark has the largest amount of water rides built in 2011 and has been touted as the World's Largest Waterpark, with all major rides and complexes by ProSlide Technology.

No other Waterpark or Water Ride manufacturer has produced such industry-changing complexes and world firsts. ProSlide provided Beijing Happy Magic Waterpark with 7 major ride complexes, Thirty-five water rides and the World's Largest RideHOUSE active Ride n' Spray structure which boasts 12 slides, over 65 active water play features, a 400GAL dumping bucket and over 150 themed sculptures and features.

Beijing Happy Magic Waterpark has the World's First TornadoWAVE (pictured), the next evolution of ProSlide's thrilling line-up of extreme water rides. With a 45 degree drop in and near vertical hang time there is nothing on the market that comes close to sweeping weightlessness sensation that the TornadoWAVE creates. This complex is even more impressive with the addition of the IAAPA Best New Waterpark Ride and Industry Impact Award winning BehemothBOWL!

In total ProSlide built a triple funnel TantrumALLEY, the iconic TORNADO, a MACH 4 complex, BehemothBOWL, Duelling CannonBOWLs, OctopusRACER, TornadoWAVE, a SpeedZone complex with FreeFALL, Turbo TUNNEL and a MultiBUMP, as well as a KIDZ Zone and a RideHOUSE!

The most iconic and Award-Winning Water Ride in the World, the TORNADO, goes even bigger in Beijing as now it holds the spot as being the world's tallest. At over 20.5m, or 67ft, the TORNADO towers over the park. Sharing in its massive stature is the TantrumALLEY. In doing so it establishes another world first by having these two rides share the same complex.

The MACH 4 complex features four ProSlide PIPEline slides and combine to give guests over 360m, or 1200ft. of rider excitement on board their 2-Man tubes. For even greater speed and slide length the 8-lane OctopusRACER combines to produce over 880m, or close to 2,900ft. of high speed, side-by-side racing!

The rides, innovative complexes and sheer size of the Beijing Happy Magic Waterpark are something that truly needs to be seen to be appreciated. When you combine all these innovative ProSlide water rides and structures with one of the world's largest wave pools, the result is simply one of the most impressive waterparks in the world.

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