Sunday, 26 June 2011

Kid's World - where kids really do rule

Dreamworld’s top family attraction, is bursting with 10 different rides and attractions, all designed with kids in mind.

The largest kids’ zone at a Gold Coast theme park, Kid's World is a whole new world of fun for families with children aged four to 12 years. What you need to know


1. Rainforest Rampage … Kids will have a ball in this foam ball play factory filled with 20,000 colourful foam balls, moved around by 28 vacuums and compressed air cannons. Kids can blast Mum, Dad and friends as they rampage through an interactive two storey adventure playground.

2. The Swinger Zinger …Zoom through the skies on this aerial chair ride in a ride. A mix between traditional fun and fast tech, it’s bound to have the kids laughing out loud.

3. Bumper Beach ... Everyone’s favourite fairground fun, kids can dodge, duck and spin around their friends every day in the dodgem arena.

4. The Mighty-Go-Round … A turntable of twists to enchant the smallest of tots, Dreamworld’s carousel of fun is home to painted ponies. Relive your childhood excitement and be enthralled as you go round, and round, and round again.

5. Remota Cars and Trucks … In between spinning wizzing and twirling, why not take charge of our toy trucks at the Remota cars and trucks.


1. The SkyRocket Rollercoaster… Hang on to this incredible suspended family coaster! Shoot through the sky as you duck and weave through the atmosphere on an intergalactic adventure before returning safely back on earth. Australia’s first suspended family rollercoaster SkyRocket stands 18 metres high and offers plenty of tummy jumping thrills for the whole family, the 342 metre track weighs 200 tonnes and incorporates six km of cabling.

2. Kite Flyer ... Dreamworld's Kite Flyer will take you on a journey that soars up into the air swirling around, dipping and rising as if you were on the end of a rope. The closest thing to feeling like you are flying, Kite Flyer is the perfect ride for kids and parents to enjoy together.

3. The Avalanche… Spin-out on a crazy mountain adventure and dash around in the dark inside Dreamworld's tallest sculpture.

4. Reef Diver … Forget the flippers, you won't need them on this giant whiling whirlpool of fun. But you will need the ear plugs as you and your friends test their tonsils when Reef Diver rises to a nerve-wracking vertical height. Be careful! It’s only centrifugal force that keeps you stuck in your seat.

Aside from this, why not meet all your favourite Dreamworld stars including Kenny Koala and Belinda Brown and Goldie the Clown every day of the year!

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