Sunday, 1 August 2010

Dreamworld show captures the heart and soul of regional aboriginal culture

In celebration of Australia’s traditional culture Dreamworld is launching a captivating Aboriginal show, Dreamworld Dreamtime, this September school holiday period featuring stories, songs and dance spoken and performed by members of the regions Koombamerri tribe. Long long ago when the Dreamtime first began, the Koombamerri people roamed the area of the Gold Coast and gathered around the Coomera River, creating stories, songs and dances that echoed every occasion: stories about hunting, songs about animals, and dances that celebrate the spirituality of the land and its legends.

Today the descendants of the Koombamerri people will bring their magic to Dreamworld to highlight a tradition thousands of years old.

Guests will watch as the Koombamerri Dreamtime Dancers showcase the movements of their totem the eagle that soars above the earth signalling the start of the fishing season, listen to the haunting sounds of the didgeridoo against the quick beat of the clapsticks, and be mesmerised by a culture that demonstrates a traditional Aboriginal method of firelighting by rubbing two carefully chosen sticks together.

But this not just a performance, it’s also a confrontation. As members of a different tribe, the crowd must first earn the right to carry the Koombamerri message stick, an ancient passport to their ancestral land. Only then can the celebration of two uniting tribes take place and the ceremonial dance performance begin.

This September holidays join us, as Dreamworld unearths the mystery of the world's oldest culture right here on the doorstep of Australia's most high tech thrill park. Dreamworld Dreamtime will be located within the park’s Australian Wildlife Experience with two shows daily from September 18 until October 7, 2010. The show is included in the cost of theme park entry.

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