Wednesday, 17 June 1998

Experience a Volcanic Island Adventure at Dreamworld

Island Adventure, Dreamworld’s new IMAX film will make an Australian premiere this week at Dreamworld’s Coca-Cola IMAX Theatre.

The film, shown on a screen six-storeys high, takes audiences on a journey to the mysterious volcanic island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean. An island shaped by intensive erosion. Hurricanes and strong tropical storms have left a rugged coastline, razor blade formations and gigantic holes.

Visitors will experience a breathtaking adventure across impenetrable jungles, climb huge rock formations, witness spectacular volcanic eruptions up close and embark on the first exploration of Hell Hole’s waterfall - where wild streams and waterfalls find their way through a huge formation 3,500 feet high.

In this humid and warm world reigns a primitive forest. There, giant mosses and wild orchids grow abundantly, mixed with fern trees and tamarinds tormented by the years.

The 40 minute film follows the story line of Kelly, a university professor who has a great passion for high mountains. Some time later, newspapers announced Jade’s disappearance. With the aid of two mountain climber friends he decides to look for her. From that moment on, Kelly and his friends embark on a breathtaking adventure which takes them to places they had never dreamed of.

The search is long and hard but they explore a fantastic world, lose themselves in strange primitive rainforests, dive into unexplored and endless canyons, discover an active volcano - where there is an eruption starting.

Island Adventure was directed by Alain Gerente, a professor at the University of La Reunion who dedicated the film to friends, Katia and Maurice Krafft, who disappeared in June 1991 while filming the eruption of Mount Unzen is Japan.

Dreamworld’s Coca-Cola IMAX Theatre is one of only two of its kind in Australia and when built in 1981 was the first in the southern hemisphere. The theatre provides a larger than life cinema experience for Dreamworld’s guests, has a projection distance of 32 metres and a capacity for 400 people seated at a 25 degree angle to the screen.

IMAX uses the largest film frame in motion picture history (ten times the size of conventional 35mm and three times the size of standard 70mm), together with state-of-the-art sound system and the most advanced projector ever built.

Island Adventure will screen daily at Dreamworld for six months and will alternate with "Antarctica" an IMAX film which takes audiences on a fascinating journey to the coldest, highest, driest, windiest, emptiest most continent on earth. Entry to both films is included in Dreamworld’s admission price.

"Island Adventure" production team:
Director: Alain Gerente
Producer: Jean-Pierre Chardon
Composer: Farid Russlan

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