Thursday, 15 December 2011

Kennywood Announces Black Widow as New Ride for 2012!

Something wicked is coming to Kennywood. With the start of the summer season a short five months away, Kennywood is proud to announce Black Widow as our newest ride for 2012!

“Black Widow will have a combination of height, airtime and thrill factor,” explains Kennywood General Manager Jerome Gibas. “Kennywood offers a great variety of ride experiences and Black Widow will provide our guests with a new dimension of thrill.”

The Black Widow experience starts with riders sitting in outward-facing suspended seats that form a giant circle with a total of 40 riders. With legs dangling freely, each rider is secured with a shoulder restraint. Then the thrill begins.

The giant circle begins to swing in a pendulum motion while rotating counterclockwise. At the peak of the swing riders will reach a height of 146 feet above the ground and experience that feeling of weightlessness coveted by thrill seekers.

The counterclockwise rotation and pendulum motion creates a variety of different sensations depending on a rider’s specific position. The combination of both elements results in a unique ride experience every time!

Black Widow will stand at 90 feet tall but will reach a height of 146 feet in full swing with an angle of 120 degrees from the center. The pendulum motion propels riders back and forth at 68 miles per hour.

While riding Black Widow, guests experience a one of a kind perspective of Lost Kennywood.

Black Widow will have a height requirement of 52” tall. Each of the 40 seats has an individual shoulder lap restraint. For pictures or more information on Black Widow’s manufacturer, Zamperla, visit

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