Saturday, 20 November 2010

US Thrill Rides Announce Sale of SkyQuest Attraction Ride to the Indianapolis Zoo at the IAAPA Convention

Master attraction ride inventor, Bill Kitchen has done it again! He unveiled his new ride, SkyQuest, during the 2010 conference and expo of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). Kitchen, who is no
stranger to the attraction industry, has delivered over 200 rides in the past 20 years. His first invention was SkyCoaster, a large high-thrill swing, which became the world’s best-selling ride and was installed at Six Flags, Paramount, Cedar Fair Parks, MGM Grand and at independent operations world-wide. His next invention was SkyVenture, an indoor skydiving attraction, which became profitable within the first year of business and sold world-wide.

Scheduled to break ground sometime next year and be completed in 2012 at the Indianapolis Zoo, the two-acre SkyQuest people mover will crown the new, innovative Orangutan exhibit and will give each rider a chance to be “up close and personal” with these beautiful animals and to also get a bird’s eye view with ride heights ranging from 10 to 40ft. up in the air. Guests will embark and disembark the 15 to 20-minute ride through a covered loading platform. Up to four riders can ride in the gondolas, (similar to hot-air balloon baskets), moving at a pace of 1mph.

The two-million dollar ride can hold 1,000 riders per hour and is expected to be a highlight of the zoo. “We are thrilled to bring a quality ride to the Indianapolis community,” states Bill Kitchen, CEO of US Thrill Rides LLC. “We pride ourselves in offering the best entertainment and SkyQuest will deliver fun for all ages.”

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